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Latest Spots

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Thu 23:35 VK7LTD/2 on VK2/CT-001 7.144 SSB
Tony calling cq also VK7FAMP Angela (Posted by VK7FAMP)
Thu 23:29 VK7LTD/2 on VK2/CT-001 3.610 SSB
Tony calling CD also VK7FAMP Angela (Posted by VK7FAMP)
Thu 23:13 VK7LTD/2 on VK2/CT-001 3.610 SSB
QRV in 15m (Posted by VK7FAMP)
Thu 22:03 WS0TA/P on W6/SC-357 14.061 cw
[WS0TA{NA}]: Sri, can't find access, canceled (Posted by SMS)
Thu 20:32 N4LAG on W4C/EM-007 14.000 cw
QRT. TU chasers, despite my QLF! (Posted by N4LAG)
Thu 20:30 K7DJL on W7I/NI-168 10.113 cw
[K7DJL{NA}]: (Posted by SMS)

Upcoming Activations

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Fri 09:30 5B/OE6DOE/P on 5B/CY-001 14.060-cw
ETA +-30min, don\'t know the way (Posted by OE6DOE)
Fri 10:30 DL4ROB on DL/MF-104 7.023-cw
Time +/- . This will be a short one. (Posted by DL4ROB)
Fri 10:30 DL1CR/P on DM/NS-122 7-ssb, ...
+/- 30min , will spot when there (Posted by DL1CR)
Fri 11:00 G0HIK/P on G/LD-059 1297.500-fm,145-fm/ssb
(Posted by G0HIK)
Fri 11:00 M0KPW/P on G/LD-059 70-fm,7-ssb
time +/- depending on walking conditions (Posted by M0KPW)
Fri 11:00 OE2KLM/P on OE/SB-142 7.031-cw
+/- 1h depends on snow; pse QRS (Posted by OE2KLM)
Fri 11:30 5B/OE6DOE/P on 5B/CY-007 14.060-cw
ETA +.60 min, don\'t know how long the driving takes (Posted by OE6DOE)
Fri 12:00 DL4ROB on DL/MF-021 145.500-fm,7.023-cw
time +/-. (Posted by DL4ROB)
Fri 13:00 GM8OEG/P on GM/WS-303 14-ssb,7-ssb,3.5-ssb
Nn34. Time approx (Posted by GM8OEG)
Fri 20:00 WJ7WJ on W7W/LC-058 146.580-fm,146.520-fm,14.347-ssb
Hiking with non hams. Time approx. duration short (Posted by WJ7WJ)

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