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Tue 16:20 KN4SXM/P on W4C/CM-028 14.227 ssb
[KN4SXM{NA}]: [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by SMS)
Tue 16:18 KD1CT on W1/NL-005 14.323 ssb
[SOTA Spotter] (Posted by AC1Z)
Tue 16:16 KN4SXM/P on W4C/CM-028 14.245 ssb
[KN4SXM{NA}]: [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by SMS)
Tue 16:09 KD1CT on W1/NL-005 14.330 ssb
[SOTA Spotter] (Posted by AC1Z)
Tue 16:09 2W0OAU/P on GW/NW-071 145.525 fm
[2E0OAU{GB}]: Qrv now (Posted by SMS)
Tue 16:03 MM0JLA/P on GM/SS-161 5.3985 ssb
(Posted by G4WSB)

Upcoming Activations

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Tue 15:30 AC1Z on W1/NL-005 14-cw, 7-cw,-5-cw, 14-ssb, 146.52-fm
With KD1CT Follow APRS.fi AC1Z* (Posted by AC1Z)
Tue 16:00 AE7AP on W7A/??-??? 7.185-ssb,14.342-ssb,14.062-cw
Will not do if I did an AZ summit yesterday (Posted by AE7AP)
Tue 16:00 MM0JLA/P on GM/SS-161 5-ssb,7-ssb
A bit doubtful. Time??? MM6BWA on 2m, 70cm FM (Posted by M0JLA)
Tue 16:00 MW0OAU/P on GW/NW-071 145-fm,438-dmr
Time approx will be on APRS - M0OAU-9 (Posted by M6OAU)
Tue 16:00 KF7HIZ on W9/IN-003 14.285-ssb
(null) (Posted by KF7HIZ)
Tue 17:00 K1LB on W7N/WC-014 7.032-CW,10.112-CW,14.062-CW
approx time, conditions permitting (Posted by K1LB)
Tue 17:00 KF7HIZ on W9/IN-003 14-ssb
road detour. will be on summit an hour later than prev alert (Posted by KF7HIZ)
Tue 17:30 N2IC on W5N/PA-001 14.061-cw,7.061-cw
(Posted by N2IC)
Tue 21:00 AE7AP on W5N/??-??? 7.185-ssb,14.342-ssb,14.062-cw
Track me on APRS S+4 (Posted by AE7AP)
Tue 22:00 VK2NU/P on VK2/MN-132 3.5-cw,7-cw,14-cw
Time very approx, other bands/modes, possibly other summits (Posted by VK2NU)

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