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Latest Spots

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Thu 18:57 WG0AT on W0C/SP-106 7.032 cw
(Posted by K7PX)
Thu 18:48 KX0R on W0C/PR-114 18.0930 CW
[RBNHole] at W4KAZ 20 WPM 12 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Thu 18:42 K7PX on W0C/SP-106 10.112 cw
Here now calling CQ (Posted by KH2TJ)
Thu 18:40 K7PX on W0C/SP-106 10.112 CW
Steve calling CQ here. (Posted by W0MNA)
Thu 18:34 K5DEZ on W5N/SL-014 14.000 cw
New QCX 20/40 rid worked Great. Now QRT Tnx [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by K5DEZ)
Thu 18:26 KX0R on W0C/PR-114 14.0631 CW
[RBNHole] at VE7CC 20 WPM 23 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)

Upcoming Activations

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Thu 18:30 K0NR on W0C/SP-110 146.52-fm
with K0JJW (Posted by K0NR)
Thu 19:00 WG0AT on W0C/SP-106 10.112, 7.032, 14.062-CW, 146.52-FM
Plan B: W0C/SP117 - K7PX starts on 30m, http://aprs.fi/wg0at-7 or K7PX-7 (Posted by WG0AT)
Thu 19:00 M1EYP/P on G/SP-015 50-ft8,50-cw,50-ssb
FT8 1900-1955z, CW/SSB 2000-2230z (Posted by M1EYP)
Thu 20:00 K9IR on W5A/PT-009 14.0615-cw, 3.5625-cw, 7.0625-cw
+/- 1 hour. Also 10.1125 & 5.332 cw. 3 of 3. (Posted by K9IR)
Thu 23:30 JP1QEC/1 on JA/GM-053 14.061-cw,18.081-cw,7.0055-cw
(Posted by JP1QEC)
Fri 02:00 JM3URG/3 on JA/NR-015 7-cw.ssb.430-fm
(Posted by JM3URG)
Fri 15:31 WA7JTM on W7A/PKS-TBD 14.062-7.033-others-cw
YV-118, CS-055, 144.410,1296.41? self spot?? s+8 (Posted by WA7JTM)
Fri 16:00 N6MKW on W6/CT-140 10-14-7-cw,14.285-7.185-ssb,146.52-fm
Time approx. Follow me on APRS.fi as N6MKW-7 (Posted by N6MKW)
Fri 19:30 N6MKW on W6/CT-130 10-14-7-cw,14.285-7.185-ssb,146.52-fm
Time approx, 2nd summit. APRS.fi as N6MKW-7 (Posted by N6MKW)
Fri 22:00 ZL3GA on ZL3/CB-460 7-ssb, 10-cw, 14-ssb, 14-cw, 18-cw, 146.5-fm
With ZL3DRN +- 1 hour. (Posted by ZL3GA)

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