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Latest Spots

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Wed 00:50 KK6QMS on W6/SD-377 7.195 ssb
*QRT. Thanks to everyone! New peak 1 +3pts [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by KK6QMS)
Wed 00:47 KK6QMS on W6/SD-377 7.195 ssb
*about to shut down [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by KK6QMS)
Wed 00:43 ZL4BEN on ZL1/WL-116 14.270 ssb
*zl1ben also [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by ZL2AJ)
Wed 00:37 KK6QMS on W6/SD-377 7.195 ssb
*7 in the log. beautiful here. calling cq [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by KK6QMS)
Wed 00:29 ZL2ATH on ZL1/WL-151 21.2 CW
sorry VK4 you disappeared. last calls (Posted by ZL2ATH)
Wed 00:21 ZL2ATH on ZL1/WL-151 21.2 CW
really really slow please (Posted by ZL2ATH)

Upcoming Activations

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Wed 06:30 OK/SP6GNK/P on OK/KR-018 7.030-cw,14.060-cw
(Posted by SP6GNK)
Wed 10:00 OE3IPU/P on OE/NO-074 145.5-fm,430.300-fm,7-ssb,14-ssb
- 30 min./ + 60 min. Kreuzberg-Speckbacherhütte mit OE3WHU/P (Posted by OE3IPU)
Wed 10:00 OE5HWM/P on OE/ST-047 145-fm,145.500-fm
+/- 60 min, only WX OK (Posted by OE5HWM)
Wed 10:00 IK2LEY/P on I/LO-210 5-cw,7-cw,7-ssb,14-cw,14-ssb
Ft-817 and EFHW (Posted by IK2LEY)
Wed 11:00 MW0XOT/P on GW/MW-040 7-ssb,3.5-ssb
This is also GWFF-006 Carn Gafallt. WX dependent. (Posted by MW6MWM)
Wed 12:00 EA1AER/P on EA1/LE-121 14.062-cw,7.032-cw,145.525-fm
Approx time. APRS trackable?? (Posted by EA1AER)
Wed 12:55 ZL2ATH on ZL1/WL-151 7.090-ssb
cq (Posted by ZL2ATH)
Wed 16:00 N0XM on W5T/CH-003 14.058-cw
Activation time +/- 30 minutes (Posted by N0XM)
Thu 09:00 G4VFL/P on G/SB-008 145-fm,70.45-fm,1297.5-fm
time approx (Posted by G4VFL)
Thu 11:00 GW4HQB /P on GW/NW-040 145.5-fm
(null) (Posted by G4HQB)

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