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Latest Spots

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Sat 22:17 N6JFD/P on W6/NS-128 10.117 CW
QRat. tu chasers 73 (Posted by N6JFD)
Sat 22:10 KD0YOB on W7Y/SW-056 14.000 cw
*QRT (Posted by APRS2SOTA)
Sat 21:59 N6JFD/P on W6/NS-128 10.117 CW
cq cw (Posted by N6JFD)
Sat 21:53 JG1BOK/1 on JA/GM-014 14.064 cw
* (Posted by APRS2SOTA)
Sat 21:53 N6JFD/P on W6/NS-128 7.192 SSB
cq 40 (Posted by N6JFD)
Sat 21:29 KD0YOB on W7Y/SW-056 14.064 cw
*[RBNHole] at WA7LNW 12 WPM 23 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)

Upcoming Activations

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Sun 00:00 K4VOZ on W4A/HR-002 14-cw/ssb,10.114-cw,7-cw/ssb
(Posted by K4VOZ)
Sun 00:00 JF8LPB/2 on JA/ME-011 433-fm
(Posted by JM3GVH)
Sun 00:01 VK1MCW/2 on VK2/ST-034 3.5-cw,7-cw,14-cw,146.5-fm,2m-ssb
I may try 6m ssb 52.200 for the first time. (Posted by VK1MCW)
Sun 01:00 JG4LCS/4 on JA/OY-013 14-18-21-7-cw
also JAFF-0071, Time +/- PSE QRS. (Posted by JG4LCS)
Sun 02:00 JS2VVH/2 on JA/SO-030 433.40-c4fm,144.40-c4fm
and 1200MHz FM (Posted by JS2VVH)
Sun 03:00 JI3BAP/3 on JA/KT-003 7-cw,14-cw,433-fm
Approx time. (Posted by JI3BAP)

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