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Latest Spots

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Sun 18:19 N7CW on W7A/CS-009 5.332 cw
(Posted by N7CW)
Sun 18:14 AE7AP on W7M/CL-197 14.333 ssb
* (Posted by APRS2SOTA)
Sun 18:12 N7CW on W7A/CS-009 5.000 cw
BUD, CAN U GO TO 60M B4 YOU QRT, PSE? (Posted by K6HPX)
Sun 18:12 KK6YYD on W6/NS-321 7.21 SSB
CQ CQ CQ (Posted by KK6YYD)
Sun 18:04 N7CW on W7A/CS-009 14.0645 cw
*[RBNHole] at W7HR 23 WPM 8 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Sun 18:03 AE7AP on W7M/CL-197 7.185 ssb
* (Posted by APRS2SOTA)

Upcoming Activations

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Sun 17:30 K7DDC on W7W/WH-001 146.52-fm
First attempt at Baker, will try to summit around lunch. (Posted by K7DDC)
Sun 17:30 VA2MO on VE2/ES-028 14.342-ssb,18.130-ssb,7.190-ssb
Please spot if your hear me. Thanks.time and freq. approx. (Posted by VA2MO)
Sun 17:30 KD7WD on W7O/NE-229 14.340-ssb
(null) (Posted by KF7VMQ)
Sun 17:45 W5ODS on W7A/AE-043 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw
(Posted by W5ODS)
Sun 18:00 NS7P on W7O/CC-011 14.062-cw,10.112-cw,7.032-cw
(Posted by NS7P)
Sun 18:30 N7CW on W7A/CS-009 5-cw,7-cw,10-cw,14-cw
(Posted by N7CW)

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