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Article by G3CWI on 13th March 2006 at 22:01


The summit here is a tip in its own right! I have twice parked at about ST552665 (difficult parking) and then trudged across the muck, avoiding pits, to the trig. This is not a pleasant spot. <br /> <br />Much better is to park in the carpark at ST556668 and follow the track towards the large lattice tower. I have activated from near these masts (there are three down this track) twice and it is a much more pleasant spot, with excellent views. You can also relax there knowing that no-one can see you. This location is also fine for VHF to the north but beware as the whole summit has so many masts on it that most VHF radios will struggle - even my HF radio had problems this time... although it was quite pleasant listening to breakthrough from a local FM radio station behind the 40m band-noise. Sort of "music while you work". <br /> <br />Dundry seems an odd place with contrasting nice bits and dreadful bits. The Church tower is remarkable.

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