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Upcoming Activations

Tuesday 23rd January 2018
     10:30 S52AU/P on S5/CP-012 145.550-fm
+/- 30 min (Posted by S52AU)
     10:30 HB9AXL/P on HB/FR-036 7-cw,14-cw,10.1-cw
Elecraft K1, 5Watt, vertical or EFHW (Posted by HB9AXL)
     11:00 EA8/HB9FIH/P on EA8/HI-001 14.060-cw
CW - abt 11:00 for 2 hrs (with break) (Posted by HB9FIH)
     11:30 EA1AER/P on EA1/LE-099 14.062-cw,7.032-cw,145.525-fm,7-ssb
Approx time, APRS trackable? (Posted by EA1AER)
     11:30 S55VN/P on S5/GS-001 145.550-fm,433.300-fm,50-ssb,14-ssb...
PLU/MINUS 1h (Posted by S55VN)
     12:00 HB9CBR/P on HB/TG-009 7-18cw
(Posted by HB9CBR)
     13:30 S52AU/P on S5/CP-009 145.550-fm
+/- 30 min (Posted by S52AU)
     15:00 W1EJ on W6/NC-178 7.033-cw
(null) (Posted by W1EJ)
     16:00 NA6MG on W6/CT-XXX 5->17cw
S+6 (Posted by NA6MG)
     16:00 AA0BV on W6/NC-178 10.113-cw
(null) (Posted by AA0BV)
     16:30 K7PX on W0C/SP-123 10.112-cw
(null) (Posted by WG0AT )
     18:00 VE6IXD on VE6/RA-092 14.3275-ssb
(Posted by VE6IXD)
     18:00 NM5S on W7A/PN-077 14.061-cw
(null) (Posted by NM5S)
     19:30 NK6A on W6/CT-274 7.033-cw,10.111-cw,18.091-cw,14.062-cw
also 146.52 fm (Posted by NK6A)
     20:00 K1LB on W7N/WC-028 14.062-cw,7.032-cw
ETA - / + 30 min. pending access (Posted by K1LB)
     21:30 VE6IXD on VE6/RA-032 14.3275-ssb
(Posted by VE6IXD)
Wednesday 24th January 2018
     08:00 OE5FDM/P on OE/OO-293 7.180-ssb,14.285-ssb
freq is +/- (Posted by OE5FDM)
     10:00 OE6KYG/P on OE/KT-096 7-cw
(Posted by OE6KYG)
     12:10 OE6KYG/P on OE/KT-075 7-cw
(Posted by OE6KYG)
     14:00 OE/PD1WES on OE/TI-298 7.090-ssb,14.290-ssb,21.280-ssb
time is approximate. will update shortly before (Posted by PD1WES)
Thursday 25th January 2018
     12:15 EA8/PA7ZEE/P on EA8/GC-018 14.062-cw
KX1, 3 W, W3EDP, Virgin Summit, pse spot me (Posted by PA7ZEE)
     12:30 OE5FDM/P on OE/OO-119 7.180-ssb,14.285-ssb
time and freq are +/- (Posted by OE5FDM)
Friday 26th January 2018
     09:20 ON9CBQ/P on ON/ON-013 3.6-ssb,7-ssb
Together with ON4UP/P (Posted by ON4UP)
     11:50 ON4UP/P on ON/ON-009 3.6-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb
Together with ON9CBQ/P (Posted by ON4UP)
     14:25 ON9CBQ/P on ON/ON-001 3.6-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb
Together with ON4UP/P (Posted by ON4UP)
     22:30 VK3BYD/P on VK3/VU-011 3.532-cw,7.032-cw,14.062-cw
Subject to WX. other bands (Posted by VK3BYD)
Saturday 27th January 2018
     10:00 OE1WED/3 on OE/NO-027 144.075-cw,145-fm,50.095-cw
+/- 60 min if wx is ok (Posted by OE1WED)
Monday 29th January 2018
     09:15 OE5FDM/P on OE/OO-365 7-cw,14-cw
+/- (Posted by OE5FDM)
     12:30 OE5FDM/P on OE/OO-081 7-cw,14-cw
+/- (Posted by OE5FDM)
Wednesday 31st January 2018
     18:00 KD7WPJ on W6/CM97DS 10.116-cw,14.061-cw
Will test new radio HB1B (Posted by KD7WPJ)
Saturday 3rd February 2018
     11:00 EA8/LA1ENA/P on EA8/GC-001 7.032-cw,10.120-cw,14.062-cw
Still uncertain (Posted by LA1ENA)
Monday 5th February 2018
     18:00 N0PCL on W9/IN-002 7->440-ssbcwfm
APRS. (Posted by N0PCL)
Thursday 8th February 2018
     10:00 OE5FDM/P on OE/TI-358 7-cw,14-cw,145.5-fm
only if weather is ok. (Posted by OE5FDM)
Saturday 24th February 2018
     14:00 TF/OE5JFE/P on TF/SV-041 145-fm,14-ssb,18-ssb
will update date and summit details (Posted by OE5JFE)
Saturday 3rd March 2018
     14:30 OE5FDM/P on OE/OO-300 144-cw,144-ssb
VHF Contest jn67tw, short activation. (Posted by OE5FDM)
Saturday 10th March 2018
     06:30 VK1AD/P on VK1/AC-??? 14-ssb,18-ssb,3.6-ssb,146.5-fm
VK JA ZL - EU S2S QSO Party. VK1 Sunset 0830 UTC (Posted by VK1AD)
     06:30 2E0YYY/P on G/SP-004 14-ssb,145-fm
(Posted by 2E0YYY)
     06:30 OE9HRV/P on OE/VB-??? 14-ssb
VK JA ZL - EU S2S QSO Party (Posted by OE9HRV)
     06:30 OE5AUL/P on OE/OO-330 14ssb-cw,18-ssb-cw
VK ,ZL, JA - EU (Posted by OE5AUL)
     06:30 OE5YYN/P on OE/OO-330 14-ssb-qrscw,18-ssb-qrscw
(Posted by OE5AUL)
     06:30 M1EYP/P on G/SP-015 14-cw,14-ssb,145-fm
(Posted by M1EYP)
     06:30 JP3DGT/3 on JA/OS-012 14-cw,18-cw
S2S QSO Party (Posted by JP3DGT)
     10:55 M/SP9MA/P on G/SE-010 7-cw,7-ssb
+/- 1 hour depend on logistic (Posted by SP9MA)
Thursday 15th March 2018
     04:00 JA4RQO/6 on JA6/FO-054 10-cw,14-cw,433-ssb
opt. 7-cw (Posted by JA4RQO)
Saturday 31st March 2018
     08:00 VK3HN/P on VK3/VN-027 1.843-cw,7-ssb
VK 160m / AM day (proposed, TBC) (Posted by VK3HN)
Tuesday 1st May 2018
     22:00 K7JTO on W7U/DV-001 7.285-ssb,14.285-ssb,144.285-ssb
First summit in ages, so ETA is approximate. (Posted by K7JTO)
Wednesday 2nd May 2018
     17:30 OK8??/P on OK/ST-??? 7.033-cw,10.119-cw,14-cw,14-ssb
Brief operation with 2 ops (Posted by G4OBK)
     18:30 OK8???/P on OK/ST-??? 7.033-cw,10.119-cw,14-cw,14-ssb
2nd brief operation with 2 ops (Posted by G4OBK)
Saturday 26th May 2018
     18:00 MM0GYX on GM/NS-067 23cm-ssb,2m-ssb,30m-cw,17m-ssb
5 year anniversary of the first activation of Morven! (Posted by MM0GYX)
Monday 4th June 2018
     00:00 JN3PDF/3 on JA/NR-029 144/430/1200-fm
(Posted by JN3PDF)
Monday 11th June 2018
     13:00 MM0IML/P on GM/WS-001 5.3985-ssb,7.118-ssb
With Allan GM4VPX - More sota in the week. (Posted by M0IML)
Friday 6th July 2018
     13:30 OM7SM on OM/BB-021 145.5xx-fm
Time +/- 60 min. jn98kl (Posted by OM7SM)
Monday 23rd July 2018
     05:00 ZS1/DK3CW/P on ZS/WC-046 7-cw,7-ssb,14-cw,14-ssb,144-ssb,145-fm
ETA +/- 30 min, Bands may vary, http://aprs.fi/dk3cw-8 (Posted by DK3CW)
     09:00 ZS1/DK3CW/P on ZS/WC-043 7-cw,7-ssb,14-cw,14-ssb,144-ssb,145-fm
ETA +/- 30 min, Bands may vary, http://aprs.fi/dk3cw-8 (Posted by DK3CW)
Saturday 17th November 2018
     03:00 JM3GVH/3 on JA/NR-001 433-fm,144.17-ssb
yamaran 25, sota ja 4 anniversary (Posted by JM3GVH)
Sunday 18th November 2018
     00:00 JM3GVH/3 on JA/OS-001 433-fm,144.17-ssb
yamaran 25, sota ja 4 anniversary (Posted by JM3GVH)
Monday 19th November 2018
     02:00 VA3OZI/P on VK4/SE-117 7-ssb,14-ssb
May be able to self spot (Posted by VA3OZI/P)
Saturday 1st January 2028
     17:30 KC4WZB on W4G/HC-007 7-ssb,14-ssb
(Posted by KC4WZB)
Sunday 16th January 2028
     11:00 F/HB9BIN/P on FL/VO-144 7.032-cw,14-cw
QRV +/- 1h together with F/HB9CBR/p until Friday! (Posted by HB9BIN/P)
Tuesday 19th January 2038
     13:00 HB9CGA/P on HB/TG-002 21-cw
Tray all bands (Posted by HB9CGA)
     13:00 HB9CGA/P on HB/TG-002 21-cw
Tray all bands (Posted by HB9CGA)

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