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Upcoming Activations

Sunday 22nd January 2017
     09:00 EA2EHX/P on EA2/NV-017 145.525-fm
+/- 30 minutos Tiempo aproximado (Posted by EA2EHX)
     09:15 EA2ENE/P on EA2/NV-017 145.475-fm
+- 15 minutos (Posted by EA2ENE)
     10:00 G6PJZ/P on G/NP-022 145-fm,14-ssb,7-ssb
(Posted by G6PJZ)
     10:00 EC2AG /P on EA2/BI-065 14-ssb
(Posted by EC2AG)
     10:30 DK9JC/P on DM/RP-463 7-ssb,14-ssb
(Posted by DK9JC)
     10:30 SP9MA/P on SP/BZ-073 7-cw,14-cw
+/-1 hour (Posted by SP9MA)
     10:30 CT7AFR/P on CT/MN-020 7-ssb,145.475-fm
ETA +/-30min. (with CT1HIX/P and CT2GSN/P, othr bands avail) (Posted by CT7AFR)
     11:00 F5PLR/P on F/PO-175 7.030-cw,10.120-cw,14.060-cw,18.090-cw
(Posted by F5PLR)
     11:30 DB7MM/P on DM/BM-334 7-ssb,14.310-ssb,145.500-fm
ETA +-1h (Posted by DB7MM)
     12:00 NS1TA on W1/AM-300 21.063-cw,18.093-cw,14.063-cw,7.29-ssb
Mon 146.52-FM (Posted by W6AH)
     12:00 HB3YTO/P on HB/SZ-018 21.260-ssb
(null) (Posted by HB3YTO)
     12:00 SQ8JMZ/P on SP/BS-027 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw,7-ssb,14-ssb
+/- 1 hour. qrp, LW-16,3 m I6IBE (Posted by SQ8JMZ)
     12:00 GM7PKT on GM/NS-107 145-fm,144-ssb
Approximate time. (Posted by GM7PKT)
     12:00 DB2YI/P on DM/HE-135 14.180-ssb,145.500-fm,144.300-ssb
QRP 5W (Posted by DB2YI)
     12:00 E70AA/P on E7/BO-026 14.062-cw,145.500-fm
(Posted by E70AA)
     12:15 SQ9KEK/P on SP/BZ-001 145-550-fm
+/- 60 MIN (Posted by SQ9KEK)
     12:30 G4RQJ/P on G/LD-052 145-fm,144-ssb,5-ssb,7-cw
All may vary,spots yes please trig, higher cw bands maybe (Posted by G4RQJ)
     12:30 DO1DJJ/P on DM/RP-412 21.295-ssb,28.495-ssb,145.425-fm
144.300-ssb, (Posted by DO1DJJ)
     12:30 M0HQO/P on G/NP-008 145-fm
Eta +/-. 145.400 if available. (Posted by M0HQO)
     12:30 M1EYP/P on G/SP-001 3.5-cw,3.6-ssb,7-cw,7-ssb
(Posted by M1EYP)
     12:45 MW0VFC/P on GW/SW-041 10-cw,145-fm
(Posted by M0VFC)
     13:00 G6PJZ/P on G/NP-011 145-fm,14-ssb,7-ssb
dependent on previous activation and wx (Posted by G6PJZ)
     13:00 MM0GLM/P on GM/SS-276 145-50fm
ETA +/- 60 mins.Outing W.X.dependent. (Posted by MM0GLM)
     13:15 DL6FBK/P on DM/BW-009 5-cw,7-ssb,28-cw,28-ssb
+/- Time and Freq. all. (Posted by DL6FBK)
     13:30 OM6AN/P on OM/ZA-111 145-fm
+/ - 30 min (Posted by OM6AN)
     14:00 GI0AZB/P on GI/AH-002 145.400-fm
QRV 145.500 Trig available TR2074 WAB D13 /- 60 mins (Posted by GI0AZB)
     15:00 WA7JTM on W7A/MN-143 50.125-144.2-432.1-ssb-cw-fm,14-7-cw
rain? HF+ARRL VHF Test QRP+Yagis,144.410+446.0 FM,s+5 (Posted by WA7JTM)
     15:00 N2GBR on W3/PD-005 7-ssb
+/-30min time; maybe 20m too (Posted by N2GBR)
     15:45 KB1HXO on W1/CR-004 146.520-fm,14-ssb,7-ssb
Time is + or - (Posted by KB1HXO)
     16:30 VE2DDZ on VE2/LR-061 14.342-ssb,7.185-ssb.14.059-cw,146.52-fm
(Posted by VE2DDZ)
     18:00 AC2KL on W2/GA-001 7-14-ssb
Moved to Sunday due to wx (Posted by AC2KL)
     18:00 WB5USB on W5N/SM-005 14.061-cw,10.11-cw,7.04-cw,18.096-cw
WX permitting aprs wb5usb-7 hiking see k5rhd (Posted by WB5USB)
     18:00 K5RHD on W5N/SM-005 7.285-sbb,14.3425-ssb,146.52-fm
w/WB5USB track k5rhd-9 or K5RHD-7 (Posted by K5RHD)
     19:00 N0MTN on W0C/PR-014 7-ssb,14.285-ssb,144.20-ssb,50.125-ssb
3rd attempt on Quandary. 14265 feet. (Posted by N0MTN)
     19:30 W3PT on W4G/CE-001 14.070.150-psk31,14.347.000-ssb
Call sign W3PT on Kennesaw Mountain (Posted by KJ4GMV)
     19:30 N2GBR on W3/SV-038 7-ssb
1st activation; timing could change; Maybe 20m (Posted by N2GBR)
Monday 23rd January 2017
     00:00 JP1QEC/1 on JA/ST-004 14.061-cw,18.081-cw,21.061-cw,7.15-ssb
Time&Freq.+/-,order of Freq.,JAFF-0218,KX2,5W (Posted by JP1QEC)
Saturday 28th January 2017
     10:00 OE1WED/6 on OE/ST-171 145-fm,144.075-cw
+/- 60 min, CW speed max 10 - 12 wpm (Posted by OE1WED)
Sunday 29th January 2017
     11:00 DD5LP/P on DL/AL-179 5.3mhz-ssb
SOTA 60m Activitation- 5362, 5363.5 FT817 & 2.3KHz filter (Posted by DD5LP)
Monday 30th January 2017
     00:30 VK3BYD/P on VK3/VG-045 7.032-cw,14.062-cw,21.062-cw
Update day before. self spot (Posted by VK3BYD)
Wednesday 1st February 2017
     07:00 VK1AD/P on VK1/AC-040 14-ssb,18-ssb,7-ssb
WX? VK1 SOTA Anniversary. JA ZL EU S2S? sunset 09:15 UTC (Posted by VK1AD)
     07:00 VK1DA on VK1/AC-037 7.09-ssb,7.03-cw,14.06-cw,14.32-ssb
+ vhf/uhf bands on request. VK1 SOTA anniversary (Posted by VK1DA)
     07:00 OE9HRV/P on OE/VB-491 14-ssb,18-ssb
VK s2s (Posted by OE9HRV)
Friday 17th February 2017
     03:00 VK3JBL/P on VK3/VT-011 7-ssb,14-ssb,14-cw,21-cw
wx dependent (Posted by VK3JBL)
     06:00 VK3JBL/P on VK3/VT-004 7-ssb,14-ssb,14-cw,21-cw
wx dependent. EU LP? (Posted by VK3JBL)
Saturday 18th February 2017
     00:00 VK3JBL/P on VK3/VT-??? 7-ssb,14-ssb,14-cw,21-cw
S+10 wx dependent (Posted by VK3JBL)
     11:00 OE1WED/6 on OE/ST-205 145-fm,144.075-cw
-60 /+ 120 min, CW speed max 10 - 12 wpm (Posted by OE1WED)
Sunday 19th February 2017
     00:00 VK3JBL/P on VK3/VT-??? 7-ssb,14-ssb,14-cw,21-cw
S+10 wx dependent. (Posted by VK3JBL)
     11:30 EI/LA1ENA/P on EI/IE-0?? 10.120-cw
in Ireland a few days (Posted by LA1ENA)
Saturday 18th March 2017
     10:30 OE1WED/6 on OE/ST-248 145-fm,144.075-cw
+/- 60 min, cw speed max. 10 wpm (Posted by OE1WED)
Sunday 19th March 2017
     12:00 F/AC2KL/P on F/NO-105 7-14-ssb
could be any summit near Paris (Posted by AC2KL)
Saturday 3rd June 2017
     09:30 OE1WED/6 on OE/ST-121 145-fm,430.300-fm,144.075-cw
- 60 /+ 120 min, mit OE3IPU/p, if wx is ok (Posted by OE1WED)
Tuesday 8th August 2017
     16:00 WJ1R on W1/HA-011 146.52-fm14.342-ssb
(Posted by WJ1R)
Friday 18th August 2017
     09:00 E74KS on E7/BO-002 145.500-fm
(Posted by E74KS)
     09:00 SV2OXS/P on SV/AT-028 145.375-fm,434.550-fm
+/-1h. Maybe 4m. Aigina Isle. HF, if time. (Posted by SV2OXS)
Monday 21st August 2017
     16:00 K2JB on W4C/WM-011 7-ssb
Activation during Total Solar Eclipse. 14-SSB also (Posted by K2JB)
     16:00 AC2KL on W7I/SR-XXX 7-14-ssb
pre-totality eclipse ops (Posted by AC2KL)

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