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Sun 16:02 N0PCL on W4V/HB-035 14.061 cw
(Posted by N0PCL)
Sun 16:01 N0PCL on W4V/HB-035 14.059 cw
(Posted by N0PCL)
Sun 15:59 N1ZF on W4V/WV-004 10.118 cw
*[RBNHole] at WZ7I 18 WPM 25 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Sun 15:57 GI0AZA/P on GI/CA-005 14.34 SSB
AZB on 2m (Posted by GI0AZA)
Sun 15:45 N0PCL on W4V/HB-035 7.06 cw
(Posted by N0PCL)
Sun 15:23 S59MK/P on S5/KS-051 145.550 fm
(Posted by S56IHX)

Upcoming Activations

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Sun 15:30 N0PCL on W4V/HB-035 7->440-ssbcwfm
APRS. (Posted by N0PCL)
Sun 16:00 N1ZF on W4V/WV-004 10.118-cw,14.061-cw,18.096-cw
(Posted by N1ZF)
Sun 17:00 WB0USI on W6/NS-393 14.0615-cw,7.0335-cw,14-ssb
ETA +/- 30 will post QRV APRS WB0USI-9 other bands likely (Posted by WB0USI)
Sun 17:30 N0PCL on W4V/BR-009 7->440-ssbcwfm
APRS. (Posted by N0PCL)
Sun 17:30 KX0R on W0C/SP-050 7.033-cw,10.113-cw,14.063-cw
ETA approx - with N0TA John - PSE SPOT if no RBN spot! (Posted by KX0R)
Sun 17:30 N0TA on W0C/SP-050 14.062-cw,10.112-cw
With KX0R- work both of us! (Posted by N0TA)

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