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Latest Spots

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Tue 23:12 NK8Q on W3/PW-031 3.5360 CW
[RBNHole] at K3LR 22 WPM 27 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Tue 23:11 NK8Q on W3/PW-031 3.565 cw
[N9IN{NA}]: pls do 80m too (Posted by SMS)
Tue 23:05 NK8Q on W3/PW-031 5.3319 CW
[RBNHole] at W1NT 23 WPM 19 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Tue 23:04 NK8Q on W3/PW-031 5.332 cw
[NK8Q{NA}]: QRV [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by SMS)
Tue 23:02 NK8Q on W3/PW-031 7.0320 CW
[RBNHole] at K3PA 22 WPM 17 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Tue 22:58 NK8Q on W3/PW-031 7.032 cw
[NK8Q{NA}]: QRV [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by SMS)

Upcoming Activations

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Tue 22:30 NK8Q on W3/PW-031 5.332-cw,7.032-cw,10.117-cw,14.062-cw
An after-work activation. Bands in reverse order listed. (Posted by NK8Q)
Wed 02:00 KR7RK on W7A/AW-060 144.41-fm, 1296.41-fm, 7-cw, 5-cw
with N4LAG pse work us both (Posted by KR7RK)
Wed 04:00 BX8AAD on BV/HS-010 14.060-cw, 14.074-data, 14.295-ssb
May not be able to send spot updates (Posted by BX8AAD)
Wed 11:00 DJ2FR on DL/KW-035 10.119-cw,14.060-cw,7.030-cw,145-fm
time +/- DMR 26283 Munich Cluster (Posted by DJ2FR)
Wed 11:00 S52Q/P on S5/KA-029 145.550-fm,433.400-fm
+/- 1h, wx ? (Posted by S52Q)
Wed 11:30 G0EVV/P on G/LD-007 7.0325-cw, 10.1185-cw, 5.354.5-cw
(Posted by G0EVV)
Wed 11:30 M0VPM on G/SB-001 7.130-ssb, 14.250- ssb, 145.350-fm
timing legs dependent , will spot (Posted by MM0VPM)
Wed 11:30 CT7/K9PM/P on CT/RB-001 3.5-cw,7-cw,10-cw,14,18-cw,21,21-cw
+/- 1 hour, ssb if time permits, s+4 (Posted by K9PM)
Wed 11:30 M6GYU/P on G/LD-017 7.025-CW,10.115-CW,14.065-cw
(Posted by M6GYU)
Wed 17:00 W1PTS on W4T/SU-024 5-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb,145-fm
time +/- Adventure Team FOG }} report of 3-5 inch fresh snow (Posted by W1PTS)

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