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Latest Spots

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Tue 17:11 AA0BV on W6/SN-039 21.385 SSB
(null) (Posted by AA0BV)
Tue 17:04 W6SAE on W6/NS-248 7.185 SSB
CQ (Posted by W6SAE)
Tue 16:59 AA0BV on W6/SN-039 14.285 SSB
(null) (Posted by AA0BV)
Tue 16:57 LA/SQ6GIT on LA/OS-003 14.063 CW
qrs 20wpm pse (Posted by SQ6GIT)
Tue 16:54 KE5AKL on W7A/CS-027 14.061 cw
*[RBNHole] at W7HR 26 WPM 20 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Tue 16:53 AA0BV on W6/SN-039 21.06 CW
QRS please (Posted by AA0BV)

Upcoming Activations

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Tue 16:30 KX6A on W6/CT-003 146.52-fm
w/kids 2-meters only, follow: share.garmin.com/KX6A (Posted by KX6A)
Tue 16:30 LA/SQ6GIT on LA/OS-003 7-cw,14-cw,10-cw
QRS 20wpm pse, thanks (Posted by SQ6GIT)
Tue 16:30 KT0A on W5N/PW-020 14.062-cw,18.075-cw,10.110-cw
(Posted by KT0A)
Tue 17:00 W6SAE on W6/NS-248 7-ssb,14-ssb,146.520-fm
Tentative. Weather permitting. Additional bands possible. (Posted by W6SAE)
Tue 17:00 KE7JWP on W7W/SK-095 146.520-fm
actual time will vary (Posted by KE7JWP)
Tue 17:00 ND0C on W0C/FR-019 14.342-ssb,14.061-cw,10.111-cw
Time approx - family excursion; may not be able to self-spot (Posted by ND0C)

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