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Thu 18:48 KD5ZZK on W5A/CS-006 14.347 ssb
59 in TN (Posted by NE4TN)
Thu 18:43 KD5ZZK on W5A/CS-006 28.430 ssb
Andrew 5/7 in NY, thanks for 2 new ones today (Posted by N2BTD)
Thu 18:41 KD5ZZK on W5A/CS-006 14.347 ssb
*Spot[KD5ZZK]: Moved here now (Posted by SMS_NA)
Thu 18:27 KD5ZZK on W5A/CS-006 28.430 ssb
*Spot[KD5ZZK]: Here now hello EU Chasers? (Posted by SMS_NA)
Thu 18:18 KD5ZZK on W5A/CS-006 7.190 ssb
*Spot[KD5ZZK]: Calling CQ now (Posted by SMS_NA)
Thu 16:42 NA6MG on W6/CT-120 14.0619 cw
*CQ CQ at 25 wpm. S/N=2 dB at N6NC {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)

Upcoming Activations

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Thu 19:30 W0CP on W4C/CM-097 14.062-cw
(Posted by W0CP)
Thu 21:00 KD5ZZK on W5A/CS-020 7.190-ssb,14.3425-ssb
+/-1hr Follow me on APRS. 40m first (Posted by KD5ZZK)
Thu 22:00 KC5CW on W4T/CA-013 7.190-ssb
*14.342.5,12m [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by KC5CW)
Thu 23:00 VK2QR/P on VK3/VG-038 7.090-ssb
+/- time,depending on wx will try to activate others in area (Posted by VK2QR)
Fri 05:00 VK3BQ on VK3/VC-031 7.090-ssb
*plans may change working down that way TBA :) [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by VK3BQ)
Fri 06:30 DF8KY/P on DM/RP-160 7.032-cw
(Posted by DF8KY)

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