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Latest Spots

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Wed 23:31 VK3YY on VK4/CA-026 7.090 ssb
Cq short activation (Posted by VK3YY)
Wed 21:59 KX0R on W0C/PR-144 14.063 cw
ota (Posted by N4MJ)
Wed 21:58 KX0R on W0C/PR-144 14.063 cw
*[RBNHole] at K2PO 20 WPM 17 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Wed 21:57 AE7AP on W7Y/PA-140 14.062 cw
(Posted by APRS2SOTA)
Wed 21:44 AE7AP on W7Y/PA-140 7.032 cw
(Posted by APRS2SOTA)
Wed 21:30 KX0R on W0C/PR-144 10.113 cw
*[RBNHole] at KO7SS 19 WPM 18 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)

Upcoming Activations

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Thu 00:30 VK2JDL on VK2/CT-007 3.590..7.090..1269.100-ssb
Wx and access permitting (Posted by VK2JDL)
Thu 01:00 VK2GEL on VK2/NR-038 7-cw,7-ssb,146.5-fm
Time apx, simul vkff-0563. Also hier freqs.Aprs.fi vk2gel-10 (Posted by VK2GEL)
Thu 03:30 VK2JDL on VK2/CT-029 3.590..7.090-ssb
Wx and access permitting (Posted by VK2JDL)
Thu 08:00 S57XX/P on S5/CP-012 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw,18-cw
Start time +/- 15min. (Posted by S57XX)
Thu 09:00 OM7SM on OM/ZA-026 145.5xx-fm
Time +/- 60 min. JN98NW. Next ZA-028 at 11:00 UTC (Posted by OM7SM)
Thu 09:00 S52WG/P on S5/BI-002 145.550-fm
+/- 30min with Branko S52BS (Posted by S52WG)

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